75 countries around the world
1,163 partners and growing
9,405 facilitators trained
286,243 Active Citizens trained
Over 11,272 social action projects launched

Active Citizens Programme

Active Citizens is a global programme run by the British Council and its partners in over 75 countries. It promotes community cohesion and development through the capacity building of young leaders for civic engagement and volunteering. Active Citizens are young, empowered leaders who bring positive changes to their communities through social action.

Core Components of the Programme:

Capacity Building: A national network of expert facilitators is actively supporting learning and development of young Active Citizens. Young people acquire a wide range of skills in leadership, communication, advocacy, citizenship, volunteering, Social Action Project delivery, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, partnerships, and network building skills.

Youth-led Social Action Projects: young people address their unique local priorities with projects to help their communities. Read about some of the projects on our Facebook page.

Developing networks (International / National): The Active Citizens programme provides young people with opportunities to meet with other Active Citizens from around country and the world, build new friendships, develop international linkages, gain cross cultural understanding, and learn from one another.

Active Citizens in Universities

The programme is a partnership offer between the British Council and the Ministry of Higher Education and offers a course of four credit hours called “Citizenship Education and Community Engagement” for university students and which gives HE institutions avenues for students to engage in community service.

The course offers a comprehensive training package covering citizenship, opportunities for sustained community engagement, and a chance to participate in youth exchanges and policy dialogues both nationally and internationally. It also offers an opportunity for faculty members to build their capacity as facilitators by enhancing their understanding of Global Citizenship and participatory methodologies.

In summary, Active Citizens in Universities builds the capacity of Afghan youth at universities to engage more positively with their community and society, to become leaders in their community, and to create new opportunities for themselves. Active Citizens’ training modules build the students’ understanding of identity, culture, and community, and build their capacity to use dialogue as a tool to build trust within the community. This also supports students to identify issues in their community that they would like to address and assists them in designing and implementing projects to tackle these issues, through social action projects and community development activities. 

In Afghanistan, we have run the Active Citizens university model since July 2018 in four public universities; Kabul Polytechnic, Shahid Rabbani Education University, and the universities of Nangarhar and Herat. 

So far:

21 faculty members are trained as Active Citizens facilitators

452 students trained as Active Citizens

53 Social Action Projects (SAPs) initiated by students

14 top SAPs received award and certificates in an award ceremony on 4th July.

Next round of training for students will start soon at these 4 partner universities.


For more information about Active Citizens Programme, please visit its website here.