Cultural Protection Fund

In partnership with the Department for Culture Media and Sport, the British Council has launched a new £30 million fund to help to create sustainable opportunities for economic and social development through building capacity to foster, safeguard and promote cultural heritage affected by conflict overseas.

The Fund aims to protect and preserve physical monuments and religious sites, as well as 'intangible' heritage: inherited traditions, beliefs and cultural identity, passed down through generations – all of which have been increasingly under threat in the Middle East and North Africa as so-called Islamic State have gained power in the region. 

How to apply

The Cultural Protection Fund is designed with applications from UK organisations in mind, but any organisation is eligible to apply.

Grants are available to applicants working with local partners in one or more of the Fund’s target countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen.

The application process

There is separate application processes for small grants (up to £100K) and large grants (more than £100K). For large grants there will be two rounds of funding per financial year, and small grants will run on a rolling basis with quarterly decision meetings.

All applicants will be asked to complete an online expression of interest form in order to confirm eligibility, before being invited to complete an online application form.

In the current round, organisations can apply for grants of up to £3 million for projects focusing on the protection of cultural heritage at risk due to conflict. The maximum amount of funding available to applicants will be subject to review at the end of each funding round.

Available grants

  1.  Small grants: The Cultural Protection Fund is now accepting applications for small grants (up to £100k). Find out how to apply here.
  2.  Large grants: The Cultural Protection Fund is now open for large grants (over £100k). Find out how to apply here.

Important documents 

Click here to find all additional important documents related to the Cultural Protection Fund.