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Why take an exam with the British Council

British Council Afghanistan is looking to have an agreement for the services of registration of exams candidates. The exams registration agent that offers us best value for many, a transparent charging mechanism and good quality services under below terms and condition will be entitled to enter a contract for a duration of one year with the possibility of extension.

Terms of Reference

The agreement will be formed as British Council will procure exams registration services for its exams office in Afghanistan which is suited at the following address:

Main Office:

Kabul – Afghanistan, British Embassy Compound, Street 15th Roundabout, Wazir Akbar Khan, British Council House

Scope of work of the Exams Registration Agent:

1.1       'Registration Agent' will mean the person, firm or company identified in the Contract as responsible for carrying out the Service and will include the Registration Agent's personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns.

Services to be furnished by the Service Provider:

The Service Provider shall provide a wide range of exams registration services.

  1. Giving information to potential IELTS candidates about the test, its administration, available test dates and British Council contact details.
  1. Carrying out the registration of candidates for the IELTS test, verifying and entering the correct candidate’s details on the British Council online registration system.
  1. Sending the British Council, the payment records of all registered candidates. Also, informing the candidates that their application will only be considered complete and a receipt issued once the completed application form and test fees have been received by the British Council.
  1. Sending the British Council, a verified transfer request form (in original) with appropriate transfer fee (if submitted by the candidate) and informing the candidate that their application will only be considered complete and a receipt issued once the completed transfer request form and fees have been received by the British Council
  1. Informing candidates that results are released by the British Council on the 13th day from the test date. The Registration Agent should also ensure that their candidates are aware that the TRFs (Test Report Forms) will be collected from the British Council office.
  1. Promoting IELTS jointly with the British Council and duly displaying promotional material provided by the British Council
  1. Use of strapline as mentioned under clause 7.1 in various marketing initiatives without any change/addition/ deletion of letters/wordings. Other than referring to themselves as an “IELTS Registration Agent for the British Council”, the Registration Agent is not authorised to communicate to the media on behalf of the British Council. Registration Agents which qualify as Members of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme may also use the appropriate strapline in their communications.
  1. Providing all the relevant documents and records for audit purposes.

Service Standards:

·       The Service Provider shall provide polite, responsive and efficient services at all times to fulfil British Council exams registration requirements.

Performance Evaluation and Review:

·       The Service Provider shall every quarter discuss with British Council issues of mutual concerns, to review the Service Provider performance and to discuss improvements which the Service Provider or British Council should make in order to achieve more effective exams registration management.

Service Provider Quality Control:

·       The Service Provider shall establish and operate quality control procedures to monitor on a regular and continual basis the quality of registration services provided to British Council. These procedures shall include an assessment covering all the services to be performed under the contract. Service Provider shall be notified of any deficiencies found and corrective action taken.

·       British Council may also conduct its own quality control surveys among its candidates.

·       The Service Provider warrants that the personnel assigned to handle IELTS registration shall have a strong experience and shall constantly be trained to be kept up to date.

Personnel Requirements:

·       The Service Provider shall assign adequate personnel to service satisfactorily the volume of work and to fulfil its obligations under the Contract with British Council. In general, the Service Provider shall assign the relevant personnel according to their technical know-how and reliability.

·       The Service Provider shall assign a senior representative experienced in providing services to customers. 

·       The Service Provider employees shall perform their functions in a highly efficient and professional manner.

As per above terms and conditions you are kindly requested to quote British Council for the mentioned services in below table. British Council Afghanistan annual exams registration booking expenses are approximately around US$30,000. The major exams registrations are for IELTS and Aptis tests.

Quotation for the Services:

The educational institutes are requested to quote us for the services in below table:



IELTS Registration Fee Per Application (Application processing payment is for Standard IELTS Only


Aptis Test Registration Fee Per Candidate


The interested educational institutes can reach our customer service at for further information regarding our tests and required services.


The supplier must provide the TIN (Tax Identification Number) to the British Council. The supplier is supposed to pay the relevant taxes to Afghanistan government and needs to provide British Council with a copy of the payment as evidence either monthly or quarterly for the services provided to British Council.

Proposal Submission:

The interested educational institutes can submit their proposals in sealed envelopes no later than 28 February 2019 to the following address:

Kabul – Afghanistan, British Embassy Compound, Street 15 Roundabout, Wazir Akbar Khan, British Council office.