Young Filmmakers

Training young Afghan creative practitioners

We provide a direct skills training programme for key groups of young Afghan creative practitioners by running UK-led short courses in Kabul. Since 2010 the British Council has worked with filmmakers, conservationists and drama performers, offering them several workshops and training sessions in the area of film. 

2020 Vision Film

This year 130 young filmmakers are working on a film project called the '2020 Vision Film'. Workshops will take place in the five main provinces Kabul, Bamiyan, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat. Five high quality films will be produced as a result of the project. 

The aim is to demonstrate skills in the film sector and illustrate the views of Afghan youths, particularly around their visions and inspiration for the future of Afghanistan. Furthermore, by screening the films we hope to make a wider impact in the local community and at an international level.

Equally important to note is that the project will also create images of Afghanistan at the end of political and military transitions, as well as people’s views on the short-term socioeconomic life of the country. There have been tremendous positive changes as a result of international community engagement and investment in Afghanistan in the past couple of years, particularly in the areas of state building, security, infrastructure, education, health, human rights and governance. It is important to reflect, remember and maintain these changes and film is considered to be the best means to do that.