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Bringing together key policy-makers and influencers to debate the challenges and opportunities facing international higher education

Global Education Dialogues are facilitated dialogues between governments, universities and industry, with contributions and fresh perspectives from our network of leading thinkers.

Each event provides space and time for participants to explore the shifting international higher education landscape – with its rapidly changing expectations and responsibilities – so that they are better equipped to play their role in the future-proofing of higher education in their countries.

The South Asia Series

The South Asia Series provides a six-part programme of dialogues to frame the debate on the issues affecting higher education in South Asia and the UK. Each Policy Dialogue features the latest thinking in the area with new research and input from the government and industry leaders.

Papers and research from the policy dialogue are published so that they can contribute to evidence-led policy developments.

Each of the six events in the South Asia Series has participants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the UAE and the UK. Some specific Policy Dialogues also have participants from China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Jordan and Malaysia.

Each Policy Dialogue has a specific and focused agenda, with a limited number of places in order to maximise knowledge sharing and interaction. For this reason participation is by invitation only.

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