Our high-quality professional development courses, focusing on the latest international practices, enable school leaders and teachers to strengthen their knowledge and skills and to create an enriched learning experience for students. Courses are delivered by the Connecting Classrooms global network of experienced professional trainers, who are ready to share their experience, effective practices and advice.


Designed and tested by specialists in school leadership and experienced facilitators, the Connecting Classrooms school leadership training programme in Afghanistan is made up of several different courses. These include 11 initial modules that can be shaped into different, personalised training packages to suit educators’ needs, and can be delivered in a variety of ways.

  • Leading and managing and leadership styles 
  • Building teams 
  • Creating and communicating a vision 
  • Leading effective teaching and learning 
  • The power of coaching 
  • Planning, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing, and self-evaluation 
  • Managing change 
  • Building leadership capacity and developing staff 
  • Developing inclusive schools and classrooms 
  • Protecting children in your school 
  • Leading your school’s finance 


In the Connecting Classrooms training programme we also focus on Leading Core Skills. In this training, school leaders will learn about:

  • the connection between effective leadership practices and the core skills 
  • the most effective curriculum development practices of school leaders as established by the international evidence base 
  • the core principles of a variety of approaches to designing effective curriculum experiences.

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