Partnering and collaborating with schools in other countries makes the classroom a more engaging and inspiring place for young people. Pupils will be able to explore global themes with their international peers, using core and transferable skills to create positive change and live as responsible global citizens.

International Collaboration:

We support Afghan schools to develop partnerships with schools in the UK, enabling teachers and leaders to support their professional development journeys by becoming part of an international community of practice. Teachers can also access our free classroom resources designed to support joint projects with partner schools, helping students develop their core skills by collaborating and interacting with their peers across the UK. More information here:

International School Award:

This programme supports schools in fostering an international ethos throughout the school and embedding it within the curriculum. More information here:

For finding more information and resources please visit Connecting Classrooms’ website:

Funding for Partnership:

Grant funding can provide invaluable face-to-face time with your partner schools to help bring global learning to life for your pupils.

With access to grants, you can conduct reciprocal visits with partner schools in other countries, helping to strengthen existing international partnerships and build new connections around the world. If successful with a cluster grant application, you will also be eligible for training and supply cover while developing your skills in global learning.

These international connections can bring learning to life, helping students apply global issues to their local environment and use their skills to create positive change.

More information here:

Virtual Parnership:

 Virtual partnerships offer teachers and pupils a unique opportunity to work and learn with a school from another country and culture.

Virtual partnerships resources are designed around themes connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and include interactive challenges which schools can complete together, sharing thoughts and outcomes on social media.

Virtual partnerships resources are available online to all schools, and are of particular value to schools: more information here:


Find a partner:

Partnering with other schools is a key element of Connecting Classrooms and is useful outside the programme. By sharing knowledge, skills and experiences with other teachers, you will broaden understandings around the global themes.


Cluster partnerships:

We encourage schools to work together as clusters. As a cluster you will also be able to apply for a broader range of funding opportunities, including international reciprocal visits, hosting of events and support cover for training.


One-to-one partnerships:

If you prefer to work closely with one other school, you can still apply for funding, but only for the reciprocal visit grant. You will not be able to access the broader range of funding opportunities.

More information here: