Partnering and collaborating with schools in other countries makes the classroom a more engaging and inspiring place for young people. Pupils will be able to explore global themes with their international peers, using core and transferable skills to create positive change and live as responsible global citizens.

International collaboration

We support Afghan schools to develop partnerships with schools in the UK, enabling teachers and leaders to support their professional development journeys by becoming part of an international community of practice. Teachers can also access our free classroom resources designed to support joint projects with partner schools, helping students develop their core skills by collaborating and interacting with their peers across the UK. 

Grant funding can provide invaluable face-to-face time with your partner schools to help bring global learning to life for your pupils. With access to grants via your UK partner, you can conduct reciprocal visits, helping to strengthen existing international partnerships and build new connections with schools in the UK. Virtual partnerships offer teachers and pupils a unique opportunity to work and learn with a school from another country and culture online, without the need to travel. 

All these international connections can bring learning to life, helping students apply global issues to their local environment and use their skills to create positive change. You can find more information here  and you can register to find a partner school here.

International School Award

The International School Award is a prestigious award offered by the British Council for schools that bring an international dimension in to teaching and learning by collaborating with schools from around the world. The schools carry out curriculum-based projects focusing around Sustainable Development Goals. The International School Award (ISA) acknowledges school collaboration internationally and provides a framework for recognising schools that:

  • champion international work and collaboration with partner schools nationally and internationally to build and develop lasting relationships
  • benchmark best practice and share professional development in teaching and learning
  • engage young people in both the global economy and global citizenship and develop their skills for life and work.

This globally recognised accreditation helps schools to enrich learning and improving their teaching by guiding on international learning activities, from introducing international education into the curriculum to embedding it within school’s culture. More information can be found here