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What is An Introduction to Teacher Development?

An Introduction to Teacher Development is a TeachingEnglish Radio series providing advice and training on teaching English at a basic level. 

How relevant is it to Afghan teachers of English?

It is aimed at teachers of English working in schools with large classes, a lack of resources and few training opportunities.

What is the format of the programmes?

The programmes address issues in classroom practice by exploring and sharing tried and tested strategies to improve the teaching and learning of English. They are intended to motivate teachers and make learning more effective.

Does it include teacher support materials?

Yes. Each programme in the series is accompanied by a two-page teacher support sheet. These teacher support materials present a large part of the programme script, together with ideas for reflection.

How can I get the teacher support sheets?

You can download the teacher support sheets below. You are encouraged to get the teacher support sheets before the broadcasts.

For further information teachers should contact their local teacher training college. We should be able to provide a CD of English Language Teaching Radio for any college that asks.