Teacher and students in classroom
Teacher development

Reaching out to English language teacher trainers and teachers across Afghanistan

Teacher development is at the core of our English programmes.  We reach out to English language teacher trainers and teachers across Afghanistan through conferences, workshops, training programmes, cascades, digital media and other innovative tools to share techniques and the latest developments taking place in English language teaching around the globe.

We work closely with our partners, including the Afghan government, on ways to support the training of pre-service English teachers and the on-going professional development of in-service English language teachers.

TREAT (Teaching Resources and English for Afghan Teachers)

TREAT builds on the excellent work the British Council has done over the years, opening English Language Resource centres in Teacher Training colleges in 10 different provinces. In addition we have trained many English language teachers in communicative methodology with localised materials through our teacher training cascade programme. We are now in consultation with the Ministry of Education and Teacher Training Colleges to embed our methodology training within the existing pre-service education system and further expand teacher access to our English Resource Centres, where both language improvement and methodology training can be undertaken with access to up to date materials.

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English for Security & Defence (ESD)

The British Council, in partnership with the Afghan National Security Forces, is helping to improve English language teaching and learning.